2005 was Webkinz' launching year. Webkinz World launched on April 29th.

Quizzy Calendar

  • January 2005: Includes a Lion in the circus (as a clown on a ball)
  • February 2005: Includes a Elephant on a sailboat
  • March 2005: Includes a Golden Retriever in a flamed car (with sunglasses)
  • April 2005: Includes a Cow dancing in the rain with an umbrella
  • May 2005: Includes a St. Bernard with a soccer ball in a field
  • June 2005: Includes two Dogs and a Lion onstage
  • July 2005: Includes a Black and White Cat on the beach
  • August 2005: Includes a Hippo parachuting
  • September 2005: Includes a Pig on a flamed skateboard
  • October 2005: Includes a Cocker Spaniel performing onstage
  • November 2005: Includes a Black Bear doing ballet in a Webkinz Studio
  • December 2005: Includes a Gold and White Cat playing with toys


  • By the end of the year, three players reached over a million KinzCash.


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May 2005

Black & White Cat, Cheeky Dog, Cheeky Cat, St. Bernard, Gold & White Cat, Basset Hound, Pig, Lion, Hippo, Golden Retriever, Elephant, Cow, Cocker Spaniel, Black Bear

June 2005

Monkey, Unicorn

July 2005

Gray & White Cat

November 2005

Lil'Kinz Pig, Lil'Kinz Black Bear, Lil'Kinz Cocker Spaniel, Lil'Kinz Black and White Cat

Retiring Items

These items were four of the original Webkinz items. They were retired at the end of 2005.

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