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Kooky Scientist Theme (This is the first rare theme in Webkinz World.)

New Pets

January 2006

Poodle, Frog, Lil'Kinz Unicorn, Lil'Kinz Gorilla, Lil'Kinz Monkey,Lil'Kinz Golden Retriever, Lil'Kinz Cow, Lil'Kinz Hippo, Lil'Kinz Basset Hound, Lil'Kinz Rabbit, Lil'Kinz Pug

February 2006

Tiger, Rabbit

April 2006

Gorilla, Pegasus, Chihuahua

May 2006

Horse, Pug, Alley Cat, Lil'Kinz Lion, Lil'Kinz Gold and White Cat, Lil'Kinz Elephant, Lil'Kinz St. Bernard

June 2006

Pink Poodle, Cheeky Monkey

July 2006

Lil'Kinz Chihuahua, Lil'Kinz Poodle

August 2006

Yorkie, Lil'Kinz Horse, Lil'Kinz Frog

September 2006

Panda, Googles, Lil'Kinz Tiger, Lil'Kinz Googles

October 2006

Polar Bear, Lil'Kinz Grey and White Cat, Lil'Kinz Alley Cat

November 2006

Tree Frog

December 2006

Love Puppy

Retired Pets

New Exclusive Items

The new exclusive items at 2006 are as follows:

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