2008 was Webkinz third year.


Get Eleven Solitaire Pinky's Big Adventure Pizza Palace Smoothie Moves Triple Strike Solitaire Tropical Troubles Atomicalicious (Tournament Arena Game)

Room Themes

Upscale Condo Theme Pretty in Pink Theme Sports Fan Theme Coral Reef Theme Aztec Theme (Rare) Ancient Civilization Theme (Rare) Cats Theme (WShop to Curio Shop)


Antique Fashion Mirror Antique Lamp Post Dancing Zingoz Haunted Painting Ambulance Black Country Outhouse Dex Dangerous Space Fighter Farm Tractor Giant Feather Chair Giant Sandwich Table Vibrant Green Mauna Loa Lamp Wading Pool Webkinz Theme Music Box

New Places to Explore

Ganz Estore

New Items by Ganz

Virtual Figures


Toco Toucan Crocodile Rottweiler Spotted Leopard Lil'Kinz Blue Jay Deer Sliverback Gorilla Skunk Caramel Lion Fantail Goldfish Manatee American Albino Cocoa Dinosaur Magical Retriever* Lil'Kinz Gecko Lil'Kinz Lioness Bottlenose Dolphin Eagle Chipmunk Sheep Floppy Pig Bat Floral Fox* Lil'Kinz Chickadee Lil'Kinz Seal Porcupine American Buffalo Pink/White Dog Clown Fish Purple Monster* Tinkerpup* Bubblegumsaurus* Lil'Kinz Blue Trigger Fish Lil'Kinz Hummingbird Dachshund Orca Whale Parakeet Camel Grey Langur Lil'Kinz Husky Lil'Kinz Cardinal Brown Cow Black Panther Grey Squirrel Hedgehog Sea Otter Minty Reindeer* Wintermint Reindeer* Lil'Kinz Seahorse

  • means virtual pet.


Raccoon Lil'Kinz Monkey Black Friesian Lil'Kinz Panda Black/White Cheeky Dog Elephant Toco Toucan Crocodile Samoyed American Cocker Spaniel Striped Snake Tiger Snake Leopard Lizard Rhino American Albino Collie Beagle

Retiring Exclusives

Electric Blue Mauna Loa Lamp

Giant Venus Flytrap

Ice Cream Tree

Jelly Lollipop Tree

Vibrant Green Mauna Loa Lamp

Webkinz Totem Pole

New Clothing

Pink Newsboy Cap

Academy T-Shirt

Kinzville Academy Long Tee

Purple Mod Hat

Red Mary Jane Shoes

Stripy Toque

Tan Suit Jacket

Tan Suit Pants

Thick-Knit Sweater

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