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== New Fun Games and More ==
*[[Alyssa's Star Challenge]]
*[[Atomicolicious]] (aka: [[Goober's Atomicolicious]])
*[[Bananza Tropical Troubles]]
*[[Get Eleven Solitaire]]
*[[Hungry Hog 2: Pinky's Big Adventure]]
*[[Pizza Palace]]
*[[Polar Plunge]] (New Courses)
*[[Smoothie Moves]]
*[[Token Balloon Dartz]]
*[[Triple Stack Solitaire]]
*[[Wacky Zingoz Extreme]] ([[Wacky Zingoz]] only)
*[[Wheel of Wishes]]
*[[Woodland Wonders]]
== [[Pet of the Month]] ==
*January: [[Lil'Kinz Golden Retriever]]
*February: [[Cow]]
*March: [[Lil'Kinz Pig]]
*April: [[Pink Poodle]]
*May: [[Panda]]
*June: [[Elephant]]
*July: [[Cheeky Monkey]]
*August: [[Clydesdale Horse]]
*September: [[Bull Frog]]
*October: [[Pug]]
*November: [[Hippo]]
*December: [[Polar Bear]]
== New [[W-Shop]] and [[Curio Shop]] [[Theme|Themes]] ==
*[[Ancient Civilizations|Ancient Civilizations Theme]]
*[[Aztec Theme]]
*[[Cats Theme]] (moved to [[Curio Shop]])
*[[Upscale Condo Theme]]
*[[Pretty in Pink Theme]]
*[[Sports Fan Theme]] ([[Curio Shop Only Items]] are in this [[theme]])
*'''On April 17, 2008 [[Ganz]] added some more items to some [[W-Shop]] [[theme]]s! '''
*'''On June 11, 2008 [[Ganz]] [[retired]] the [[Cats Theme]] from the [[W-Shop]]! '''
*'''On August 7, 2008 [[Ganz]] added [[Underwater]] [[item]]s, it could be a theme. '''
*'''On October 30, 2008 [[Ganz]] added [[Rugs]] and [[Tiles]] to the [[W-Shop]]. '''
*'''On December 15, 2008 [[Kinzville Newz]] announced a new [[item]] which was for a contest. The item didn't show up yet.'''
== New [[Pet]]s ==
'''List of New [[Pet]]s ([[2008]])''':
*[[American Albino]]
*[[American Buffalo]]
*[[American Cocker Spaniel]]
*[[Bat]] (Seasonal)
*[[Bengal Tiger]]
*[[Black & White Cheeky Dog]]
*[[Black Panther]]
*[[Black Poodle]]
*[[Bottlenose Dolphin]]
*[[Brown Cow]]
*[[Brown Dog]]
*[[Bubblegumasaurus]] ([[Webkinz eStore Pets]])
*[[Caramel Lion]]
*[[Cocoa Dinosaur]]
*[[Fantail Goldfish]]
*[[Fire Fawn]] ([[Webkinz eStore Pets]])
*[[Floppy Pig]]
*[[Floral Fox]] ([[Webkinz eStore Pets]])
*[[Grey Arabian]]
*[[Grey Langur]]
*[[Grey Squirrel]]
*[[Grey Wolf]] ([[Webkinz eStore Pets]])
*[[Himalayan Cat]]
*[[Lemon Lime Gecko]]
*[[Leopard Lizard]]
*[[Minty Reindeer]]
*[[Pink & White Cat]]
*[[Pink and White Dog]]
*[[Pink Googles]]
*[[Purple Monster]] (Seasonal, [[Webkinz eStore Pets]])
*[[Samoyed Dog]]
*[[Sea Otter]]
*[[Siamese Cat]]
*[[Silverback Gorilla]]
*[[Snowman]] (Seasonal)
*[[Spotted Leopard]]
*[[Striped Snake]]
*[[Tie Dye Frog]]
*[[Tinkerpup]] ([[Webkinz eStore Pets]])
*[[Tiger Snake]]
*[[Toco Toucan]]
*[[Velvety Elephant]]
*[[Wacky Zingoz]]
*[[Whimsy Dragon]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Black & White Cheeky Dog]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Black Lab]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Black Poodle]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Blue Jay]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Bull Dog]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Bull Frog]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Cardinal]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Chickadee]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Chicken]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Clydesdale]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Dalmatian]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Gecko]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Lioness]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Leopard]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Pink Poodle]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Seahorse]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Seal]]
*[[Lil'Kinz White Mouse]]
== Retired [[Pet]]s ==
*[[American Albino]]**
*[[American Buffalo]]**
*[[American Cocker Spaniel]]**
*[[Black & White Cheeky Dog|Black & White Cheeky Dog]]**
*[[Black Friesian]]
*[[Brown Cow]]**
*[[Cocoa Dinosaur]]**
*[[Fantail Goldfish]]**
*[[Floppy Pig]]**
*[[German Shepherd]]
*[[Grey Squirrel]]**
*[[Leopard Lizard]]**
*[[Pink and White Dog]]**
*[[Samoyed Dog]]**
*[[Striped Snake]]**
*[[Tiger Snake]]**
*[[Toco Toucan]]**
*[[Yellow Lab]]**
*[[Lil'Kinz Monkey]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Panda]]
*[[Lil'Kinz Penguin]]
::*[[Retired]] while [[Pet of the Month]].
:**[[Retired]] less than five months as a [[pet]].
==New eStore Items==
== New Exclusive Items and Pet of the Month Items ==
*[[Antique Lamp Post]]
*[[Apple Pie Bed]]
*[[Artist's Pallet]]
*[[Back Country Outhouse]]
*[[Balloon Blower]]
*[[Bed of Roses]]
*[[Carnival Strength Tester]]
*[[Cloud Machine]]
*[[Dex Dangerous Space Fighter]]
*[[Farm Tractor]]
*[[Giant Feather Chair]]
*[[Giant Sandwich Table]]
*[[Haunted Painting]]
*[[Magic 9 Ball]]
*[[Monster (Under The) Bed]]
*[[Vibrant Green Mauna Loa Lamp]]
*[[Webkinz Theme Music Box]]
== Retired Exclusive Items ==
*[[Electric Blue Mauna Loa Lamp]]
*[[Giant Venus Flytrap]]
*[[Ice Cream Tree]]
*[[Jelly Lollipop Tree]]
*[[Undersea Porthole]] (came back as a glitch but retired "again")
*[[Webkinz Totem Pole]]
== New Places to Visit ==
*[[KinzChat PLUS]] (after being removed)
*[[Magical Forest]] (big changes including name)
*[[Me and My Pets]] (new options)
*[[My Page]]
*[[Webkinz Stadium]]
*[[Wish Factory]]
== Floating Objects ==
*'''[[Springfest]]''' (prizes: [[Chocolate Eggs]])
*'''[[Wacky Zingoz]]''' (prizes: Candy Gravity Bat, Candy Hyper Bat, Purple Candy Gravity Bat)
*'''[[Winterfest]]''' (prizes: [[Egg Nog]], [[Framed Winter Scene]], [[Fuzzy Slippers]], [[Googles Ice Sculpture]], [[Potted Icicle Tree]], [[Snow Bear Sugar Cookie]], [[Snow Cone]], [[Winterfest Parka]], [[Peppermint Snowflake]], [[Hot Chocolate Frozen Mug]], [[Snowy Blue Toque]], [[Snowflake Sweater]])
*'''[[Zingoz Celebration]]''' (prizes: [[Zingoz Plush Toy]])
*'''[[Fall Festival]]''' (prizes: [[Autumn Sunset Toque]], [[Decorative Cornucopia]], [[Decorative Wheat Sheaf]], [[Fall Festival Place Setting]], [[Harvest Time Poster]], [[Hot Apple Cider]], [[Orange Cable Knit Sweater]], [[Potted Elm Tree]], [[Pumpkin Soup]])
== Contests ==
There has been a total of five contests in Webkinz World for year 2008:
=== Webkinz World ===
*[[Artie's Scavenger Hunt]] (January 9-January 26)
*[[Haiku]] (April 26-April 29)
=== Kinzville Newz ===
*[[Fall Room]] (November 28-December 1)
*[[Spirit of Giving]] (December 17-December 20)
*[[Chairty]] (December 20-December 29)
== Holiday Gifts ==
*'''[[Valentine's Day]]:'''
*[[Heart's Desire Roses]]
*[[Cinnamon Hearts]]
*[[Sweetheart Chocolates]]
*[[Tulip Planter]]
*[[Spring Celebration Shoes]]
*[[Chocolate Eggs]]
*'''[[Webkinz Day]]:'''
*[[Webkinz Day Cake 2008]]
*[[Webkinz Day 2008 Group Picture]]
*[[Webkinz Day 2008 Trophy]]
*[[Wish Token]]
*[[Summer Sensations Place Setting|Summer Sensation Place Setting]]
*[[Pumpkin Pop]]
*[[Fearsome Fang Gummies]]
*[[Mummy Wrap]]
*[[Thanksgiving Platter]]
*[[Bowl of Cranberries]]
*[[Pumpkin Pie]]
*[[Holiday-Sno Cone]]
*[[Holiday Arte Plush]]
*[[Holiday Bomber Jacket]]
*Wish Token
==New Recipes==

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