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2009 brought new themes, games, exclusives and pets:


Also the Space Theme and Dogs Theme were moved from the WShop to the Curio Shop. The Hockey Theme has been Retired.


eStore Items

  • Erupting Volcano
  • Flying Carpet
  • Giant Chair
  • Griffin House Tapestry
  • Magic Bean Seeds
  • Prince Costume
  • Rewind Retro Sectional Set
  • Rewind Retro Sectional Expansion Set
  • Stone Elephant Statue Replica (once a year)
  • Super Sushi Bar
  • Super Sushi Bar Chair

eStore Pets

W-Shop Items

Plush Pets

Arcade Games

Pet of the Month

January- Webkinz Bulldog

Febuary- Webkinz Googles

March- Webkinz Yorkie

April- Webkinz Alley Cat

May- Webkinz Cocker Spaniel

June- Webkinz Pink Pony

July- Webkinz Spotted Frog

Auguest- Webkinz Grey Arabian

September- Webkinz Leopard

October- Webkinz Golden Retriver

November- Webkinz Pug

December- Webkinz Koala

Kinzville Academy Classes

Ganz Products

Things to Do

New Places


New clubhouse rooms

W-Shop Items

  • Moon Lamp
  • Earth Table
  • Space Dresser

Plush Pets

Arcade Games


  • B-Ball Shoes
  • Cool Sport Shades
  • Fun Fiesta Shirt (Ganz did not announce, so it can go into the Kinzstyle Shop.)
  • Purple T-Shirt
  • Red/Brown Polo Shirt
  • Red Football Jersey
  • Red Sport Pants
  • Royal Blue Crown
  • Yellow Sneakers

The Berry Fresh Swimsuit Top and Berry Fresh Swimsuit Bottom moved from the WShop to Curio Shop.