In 2010 many new Webkinz, Items and games were released.




Caring Valley Trees

Regular Pets

Signature Pets

eStore Pets

Ganz announced that the eStore Woolly Mammoth released last year will be renamed "Prehistoric Mammoth". The name "Woolly Mammoth" will now be used for the upcoming plush Webkinz (Which explains that they will be two separate pets).

Arcade Games

Pet of the MonthEdit

Things to DoEdit

Mazin' Hamsters


Old Kids Theme - ( Replaced with a new kids theme.)

Retired Arcade GamesEdit

Tournament GamesEdit

Ganz ProductsEdit

  • Series 2 Zumbuddies
  • Mazin' Hamsters (A series of Webkinz Hamsters that allow you to explore a 3D online world full of surprises, Hamsters announced so far are:
    • Presto
    • Sunshine
    • Honey
    • Petunia
    • Sweetie
    • Snowflake

Sweetie and Petunia are the common easy-to-find Hamsters.

Presto and Honey are the somewhat hard-to-find Hamsters.

Sunshine and Snowflake are the rare difficult-to-find Hamsters.

Mazin' Hamsters will be available by the end of June to the beginning of July, also Webkinz had a one-day only demo for members who logged in to play a demo round of Mazin' Hamsters.

Special EventsEdit

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