A Dog With A Bow In Her Hair is the name of the Music Video made specifically for February 2010's Pet of the Month, the White Terrier. The song is about two friends, one of them describes what they like and how strong their friendship is.


I like trips to the park, whatever the weather,
The sound of a terrier's bark, walking together.
I like kicking stones, ice cream cones, chocolate cake, big milkshakes,
I like anything that two can share,
But most of all I like a dog with a bow in her hair.
I like barbecues and fancy pools with water,
Switcherooz and playing on a teeter-totter.
I like flying kites, starry nights, true friendship, taking trips,
If I could go, I'd go anywhere,
Just to be near the dog with a bow in her hair.
We're two birds of a feather,
That's true.
Best friends forever,
That's the way I feel about you.
I don't think I've ever known anyone cuter.
And a dog with a bow, ridin' a trailblazin' scooter.
I'm for her, she's for me. We're as happy as two can be,
That's why I like anything built for two,
Cause' a dog with a bow in her says she likes me too.
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