The Adoption Center is owned by Mrs. Birdy, and it is the first thing that a new player sees when they join Webkinz World. The Adoption Center allows players to adopt new Webkinz by entering the secret code on the tag of a plush toy or the code received after adopting a virtual pet.

Once the pet has been adopted its name and gender can be chosen. Adopting a new pet extends an account's Full Membership for one year from the date of adoption. Players who do not pay to adopt a pet can still play Webkinz, though with some restrictions. These players can choose from nine virtual-only pets to play with, though formerly the only free pets available were the Domestic Dog and Domestic Cat.

Adoption Gifts


The Lion's Adoption Gift

Users will receive a new room for their House, 2,000 KinzCash, and an Adoption Gift upon adopting a new pet. The Adoption Gift is a pet-specific gift box containing that pet's exclusive item, its exclusive food, and a Welcome Balloon in either red, blue, green, or yellow. On a player's tenth adoption and every fifth adoption after that, they will receive a Super Exclusive Gift Box which awards a Superbed of their choice.


  • Secret codes could be used again to adopt the same pet on Webkinz Friends.
  • Adopting pets can also be accessed in the WShop.
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