Adoption Center

Basic Info
Location: Adoption Center
Area: Things to Do menu

Map of Kinzville

Category: None

The Adoption Center is owned by Ms. Birdy, and is located in the Things to Do menu and the Map of Kinzville.

The Adoption Center allows you to adopt an online Webkinz from the secret code assigned to a plush pet or a virtual only pet.

Once the code is entered, you will be able to name and choose the gender of your pet.

Also, once you adopt a pet, you will receive a full membership, until the expiration date.

However, players who do not adopt a pet with a code will be listed as a free member, and will be able to choose from a dog or a cat.


  • Secret codes can be used again to adopt the same pet on Webkinz Friends.
  • Full membership will run out within a year of the pet's adoption. 
  • Adopting pets can also be accessed in the WShop.
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