Alley Cat
Alley Cat
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Pet: Alley Cat
Retired: RetiredNo
Lil'Kinz: Yes
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The Alley Cat has a cool Dude Hat.

The Alley Cat is a cat webkinz pet that does have its own Lil'Kinz. The Alley Cat has been April 2009's Pet of the Month and isn't retired. The Alley Cat's Exclusive food item is Spiced Salmon Strudel and Exclusive toy Item is the Big City Window. In Webkinz Newz, the first Music Video for Pet of the Month called Where Did You Get Those Stripes? and it was about the Alley Cat and its stripes. In the music video, it states that the Alley Cat species don't hang out with poodles and play great bagpipes.


The Alley Cat is striped much like the Tiger. It has the colors of many other cats. Its video is all about the Alley Cat's stripes .It's back,tail and it's head have longer hair,while it's stomach,legs,and muzzle have fuzz. Its eyes are discolored, one is green and the other is blue. It has whiskers and a pink sewn nose. Its tail is long and has no stuffing in it. An interesting fact to note is that the Alley Cat has exactly the same pattern as the Tiger Snake and the lionfish!

Pet Description

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag; the alley cat is here! This clever kitty has given up city life and moved to KinzVille for good. What is this cat’s idea of purr-fection? An awesome room, delicious food, and (of course) a warm place to curl up for a nap!


  • The Alley Cat was the first pet to have a Pet of the Month song for it.
  • The Alley Cat and Tiger Snake are the only pets to have stripes.
    • The Alley Cat gets chased a lot by the other Webkinz who wants stripes, as seen in the music video.
  • The Alley Cat has  character in Webkinz WorldSalley Cat.
  • The Alley Cat was the first cat to be Pet of the Month.
  • In the video Cats Pajama Party  the  Alley Cat is 1 one of the cats in the video.
  • In the video I Love Being A Spotted Frog, the Alley Cat is one of the cats & dogs in the Fancy Pants Picnic
Where did you get those stripes

Where did you get those stripes


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