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Ant Mania (Picnic 2) is a Webkinz game in the Webkinz Arcade. It came out in 2006 and is furthermore a sequel to Picnic. As a black Ant hero, you must collect as much food as possible on the picnic blanket while avoiding the red ants and spiders. If you happen to touch one, the game is automatically over. The amount of points you get depend on the difficulty you set the game: Easy, Medium, or Hard.


Use the arrow keys to move around (Up, Down, Left, Right). If you want to move Up or Down diagonally you must hold down 2 arrow keys.

Power ups

There are 3 Power Ups that you can receive in the game.

  • Speed Up: This will make you run faster.
  • Slow Down: This will slow down the other insects.
  • Lady Bug Armor: This will save you if you touch an insect.


  • There are no Ant Webkinz out yet, but there are spiders, black ants and red ants in this game.
  • This game is playable in both the Arcade and the Tournament Arena.