Arte Fact
Basic Info
Name: Arte Fact
Species: Golden Retriever
Curio Shop
The Last Adventure

Arte Fact is a Golden Retriever webkinz.

He is the owner of the Curio Shop and is the only employee there. He also owns mines in which you look for gems. If you can collect them all, you get a Webkinz Crown of Wonder. You can also tip Arte, but only once a day.

If you want to be his friend in Webkinz Phone write artefact.

At first in the Curio Shop, when you don't really know him, he treats you indifferently. The ways to increase your relationship are to give tips, visit a lot and buy a lot of items. But when you get to know him better he greets you nicely. The advantages are he tells you sometimes when a Rare Item is coming.

In the W-Tales The Last Adventure book, he was friends with Doug but later in the story he wasn't friends with him anymore.

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