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Arte Fact is a Webkinz Host, owner of the Curio Shop and the Mines. The player can visit his shop to buy rare items and go on a Gem Hunt. He can be added to the Friend List on the cell phone.


"A former archaeologist. He is currently the owner of the Curio Shop. If anyone knows gems, and secret treasure troves in Webkinz World, it’s him…well, and his ex-best friend Doug the Dog. Doug and Arte used to be like brothers, but after an unfortunate incident in which Arte found a series of gem mines and didn’t tell Doug immediately, the friendship dissolved. Arte is unmarried, but he has a sister and a nephew named Sparky. Sparky is the most important individual in Arte’s life, often visiting his uncle and wanting to learn more about his adventures."


Curio Shop

When first visiting the Curio Shop, Arte will treat you as a new customer, someone he hasn't seen before. As you buy, tip, and visit the shop more often, Arte will become much friendlier.

Once a day, you can go into one of the five Mines and look for gems. Gems can be either sold or kept in a collection. If you collect every gem, you have the option of trading them in for the Webkinz Crown of Wonder.

You can read more about the mechanics of the Curio Shop here.



Arte's ex-best friend. In the W-Tales The Last Adventure book, Arte states that he used to be close friends with Doug, "so close that [we] were almost brothers," and had a special club together called "The Adventure Dogs". This friendship fell apart though after getting into an argument when Doug wanted to keep all the gems Arte had found in a secret mine to himself. Since then, they haven't spoken a word to each other.

Sparky Fact

Arte's nephew from an unnamed sister. He is described as "the most important individual in Arte’s life, often visiting his uncle and wanting to learn more about his adventures."

Matilda Monkey

A monkey that Arte describes as his best friend. In the W-Tales Arte and the Lost Tomb book, its described that they met in the jungle. Though she hasn't been seen since leaving for university, she and Arte still keep in touch through email.


  • His name is a play-on-words of "artifact."
  • To add him on your Webkinz Phone as a friend, you type in "artefact."
  • When asked a series of questions by Ella McWoof, these were his responses:
    • "What was your craziest adventure?"
      • "I have to pick just one? That’s impossible! They were all quite outstanding. The time I went to the top of Mount ‘Kinz…the time I discovered the gem mines…meeting the Azure Zingoz…it was all fantastic."
    • "A lot of folks have wanted to know: are you still in touch with Matilda?"
      • "Matilda Monkey? Why, yes. She and I email each other at least once a week. She’s teaching right now, in West Webkinz World. She’s a beloved professor, and I’m so proud of her. She’s extremely talented. I attended one of her lectures once – her students just adore her."
    • "And you? How do you feel about Matilda?"
      • "She’s an excellent friend. Probably my best friend. We like to get together a few times a year and talk about our old adventures. In fact, we have a big plan to explore Mount ‘Kinz again next year. I’m looking forward to it!"
    • "Favorite food?"
      • "Spaghetti and meatballs."
    • "Favorite color?"
      • "Blue…or gray…or black. All of them!"
    • "Favorite family member?"
      • "Sparky, my wonderful nephew."
    • "Favorite place to vacation?'"
      • "Anywhere I haven’t explored yet."
    • "If you had a million KinzCash, you would:"
      • "Go traveling. Nothing like better for broadening the mind and keeping life adventurous."