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Atlantiles is a Webkinz Arcade game released on September 29th, 2010. The object of the game is to draw a line with less than two turns between tiles on a grid.


Atlantiles has two game modes: Quick Play and Level Mode. Both modes are played the same way, the length is the main thing that differs. Quick Play is only a single board, while Level Mode has eight levels to complete.

The trophy awarded

Each level begins with a set of tiles on a board, though the board's layout can differ from level to level. Players click on tiles, drawing lines between matching tiles that have less than two turns in them. Once the tiles are matched, they disappear from the board. Players must match all the tiles on the board to win and proceed to the next level (in Level Mode). If the player can make no more moves, the game ends. A trophy is awarded to players that complete all eight levels of the game.