The Black Bear is a Webkinz pet commonly used by Pants. It was Pet of the Month in November 2007, isn't all pooped out and has a Lil'Kinz version. The Black Bear's special food is Honey Bee Roast and special item is a Cave Bed which your Pet can sleep in.

It has been seen in the newspaper once, when it was being advertised as Pet of The Month. It is also one of the Webkinz seen on the Webkinz Mouse Pads.


The Black Bear is colored mostly Black with a brown snout and insides of its ears. It (like the Pig and Cow before it) has long hairs on its back and smooth short ones on its stomach and paws. Its eyes are once again black marbles with string eyelashes above them and there is a bunch of string in the middle of its snout making it look like a stub.


  • The Black Bear is the first Webkinz to have no characters named after it.
  • The Black Bear is the third Webkinz in a row, to use the long hairs on back, short hairs on front design.
  • The Black Bear wears a light brown ice pack when sick making it the second pet to wear that color.
  • The Black Bear makes an appearance in the Poopsicle Party and Poop Star Parties.


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