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Blender Recipes in Webkinz require different three food ingredients to make. These recipes must be made with a blender. Ingredients can be dragged from the user's Dock into the stove interface, then combined with the "Blend" button. Failure to correctly combine ingredients results in the creation of Gak.

All currently known blender recipes are listed below:

Recipe Image Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient
Abracaldo Dabra Abracaldo Dabra.png Apple Licorice Sunflower Seeds
Almond Blutrice Punch Almond Blutrice Punch.png Almonds Blueberries Orange Juice
Aminkle Grog Aminkle Grog.png Blueberries Licorice Raspberries
Atomicolicious Punch Atomicolicious Punch.png Cherries Orange Peach
Beach Sunrise Frappe Beach Sunrise Frappe.png Coconut Orange Juice Pineapple
Berribrite Blast Berribrite Blast.png Cherries Cream Soda Dragon Fruit
Blueberry Parfait Blueberry Parfait.png Blueberries Ice Cream Cone Peanuts
Cara-Milkshake Cara-Milkshake.png Ice Cream Cone Milk Toffee
Chocolate Caramel Mousse Chocolate Caramel Mousse.png 50s Diner Milkshake Dark Chocolate Caramels Double Chocolate Holiday Fudge
Cream Soda Float Cream Soda Float.png Cherries Cream Soda Ice Cream Cone
Demitasse Lassi Demitasse Lassi.png Burger Milk Peach
Dino Dessert Dino Dessert.png Dragonfruit Ice Cream Cone Pear
Epochiquox Glimmer Epochiquox Glimmer.png Blueberries Papaya Raisins
Forsty Benumblex Forsty Benumblex.png Ice Cream Cone Iced Tea Kinzville Ice Pops
Fruit Slushie Fruit Slushie.png Bottled Water Cherries Orange
Gazpacho Soup Gazpacho Soup.png Countryside Sweet Pepper Veggie Slice Self-Serve Salad
Gigglifuzzeela Gigglifuzzeela.png Grapefruit Raisins Waffles
Gloprisma Gloprisma.png Apple Artichoke Blueberries
Goo Goo Berry Float Goo Goo Berry Float.png Goo-Goo Berry Goo-Goo Berry Juice Box Goo-Goo Berry Pie
Grapplesnap Grapplesnap.png Apple Juice Baked Beans Green Grapes
Health Juice Health Juice.png Apple Carrots Watermelon
Hot Marshmallow Hot Marshmallow.png Chocolate Bar Marshmallows Milk
Icy Frosty Icy Frosty.png Bottled Water Ice Cream Cone Watermelon
Juicy Julep Juicy Julep.png Blueberry Breeze Punch Fruit Salad Cup Olympus Pomegranate
Magimmery Mist Magimmery Mist.png Blueberries Ginger Ale Lemon Meringue Pie
Mega Berry Slush Mega Berry Slush.png Blueberries Raspberries Strawberries
Miellabeelado Miellabeelado.png Chocolate Milkshake Honey Tacos
Mocha Polka Mocha Polka.png Green Grapes Hot Dog Toffee
Neon Pink Smoothy Neon Pink Smoothy.png Cream Soda Dragon Fruit Pink Lemonade
Ocean Bubblyglub Ocean Bubblyglub.png Apple Juice Root Beer Sushi
Petallastar Pop Petallastar Pop.png Corn on the Cob Granola Cereal Honey
Plymouth Veggie Parfait Plymouth Veggie Parfait.png Baked Potato Peas Pumpkin
Pomeadrone Punch Pomeadrone Punch.png Blueberries Honey Pickle
Quaggy Super Smoothie Quaggy Super Smoothie.png Dr. Quack's Miracle Tonic Farm Fresh Pumpkin Farm Fresh Tomato
Quaint Super Smoothie Quaint Super Smoothie.png Dr. Quack's Miracle Tonic Farm Fresh Cabbage Farm Fresh Bunch of Carrots
Quenched Super Smoothie Quenched Super Smoothie.png Dr. Quack's Miracle Tonic Farm Fresh Strawberries Farm Fresh Watermelon
Quendidot Buzzitree Quendidot Buzzitree.png Honey Pink Lemonade Salad
Root Beer Float Root Beer Float.png Cherries Ice Cream Cone Root Beer
Savory Fruit Sundae Savory Fruit Sundae.png Fresh Fruit Cup Fuzzy Frozen Peach Yogurt Organic Ice Pop
Serpentash Squash Serpentash Squash.png Cola Dragon Fruit Pink Lemonade
Shellbellow Shellbellow.png Cherries Chocolate Milk Shrimp
Shirley Templkinz Shirley Templkinz.png Cherries Fruit Punch Orange
Slipinsip Slipinsip.png Banana Iced Tea Jelly
Soccer Float Soccer Float.png Chocolate Bar Ice Cream Cone Kiwi Fruit
Spicy Salsa Spicy Salsa.png Asparagus Corn on the Cob Tomato
Strawberry Smoothie Strawberry Smoothie.png Honey Milk Strawberries
Striped Mellowmallow Striped Mellowmallow.png Jelly Lemon Meringue Pie Pickle
Sweet Creola Sweet Creola.png Cream Soda Orange Pop Sushi
Sweet Echocoa Sweet Echocoa.png Chocolate Bar Chocolate Milk Lollipop
Sweet n' Sour Smoothie Sweet n' Sour Smoothie.png Milk Orange Pink Lemonade
Sweet Orchard Cider Sweet Orchard Cider.png Farm Fresh Candy Apple Farm Fresh Golden Delicious Apple Farm Fresh Red Delicious Apple
Trickle Treacle Trickle Treacle.png Cola Pickle Pumpkin
Trippple Hot Chocolate Trippple Hot Chocolate.png Chocolate Bar Chocolate Milk Hot Chocolate
Tropical Punch Tropical Punch.png Fruit Punch Orange Pineapple
Twistifish Fondue Twistifish Fondue.png Cheeses Fish Sticks Pretzel
Veggie Dip Veggie Dip.png Milk Mushrooms Tomato Soup
Voilalatte Voilalatte.png Cheeses Croissant Green Grapes
Wanapaneer Wanapaneer.png Cantaloupe Cheeses Croissant
Webkinz Cookie Tornado Webkinz Cookie Tornado.png Banana Cookies Ice Cream Cone
Wild Kiwi Sunset Wild Kiwi Sunset.png Coconut Kiwi Fruit Papaya
Yiplish Yiplish.png Orange Pop Peppermints Sushi
Yogurt Twist Smoothie Yogurt Twist Smoothie.png Banana Kiwi Fruit Strawberry Yogurt
Yummytummy Tumbler Yummytummy Tumbler.png Farm Fresh Cabbage Ginger Ale Papaya