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Booger Gets an A is a game in the Arcade where players click on number blocks that add up to the number that Booger is thinking of. It was released in 2006 before being retired and brought back in 2007 alongside Waddell's Icecap Adventure.


The game begins with a tiled chalkboard full of blocks with numbers on them. Booger starts out by thinking of a number, seen in a thought bubble above his head. Players must click on tiles so that the numbers on the tiles they click on add up to the number that Booger is thinking of. More tiles are constantly appearing in the blank line at the top of the screen and dropping down to the tile grid below. Clicking on that blank line makes an entire row appear instantly, instead of waiting for one to appear. Once the player completes the required amount of sums, they progress to the next level.

The trophy awarded by completing the report card

Special number blocks with stickers on them also appear throughout gameplay. There are three stickers: the Timeout (clock) sticker that pauses time, the Eraser sticker that makes some blocks disappear, and the Goal (apple) sticker that reduces the amount of sums required to reach the next level. Using all three stickers in a level makes a checkmark appear on Booger's report card on the right side of the screen. If the player fills up the report card with all six checkmarks, there is a random chance they will win a trophy. The trophy takes the form of a working calculator that can be placed in a room. If the trophy is awarded the game ends, but if it is not the game continues.