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Cash Cow 2 an Arcade game and is the sequel to Cash Cow. It came out in 2007 with Polar Plunge.


The objective is to click on bottles in color groups of two or more until your milk level fills up, which completes the level. 100 points are needed to finish a level.

Level 1 starts with four colors (Yellow, Pink, Lime, and Light Blue) and continues to add colors throughout the game. Level 3 adds the color Navy.


Starting with a group of two bottles of the same color, points will be given when removed. Groups of 2 and 3 bottles will give 1 point per bottle:

  • 2 bottles = 2pts
  • 3 bottles = 3pts

Groups of four bottles and over will follow the same point system along with giving an extra point for each extra bottle:

  • 4 bottles = 5pts (4 points for 4 bottles + 1 extra point for the fourth)
  • 5 bottles = 7pts (5 points for 5 bottles + 2 extra points for the fourth and fifth)
  • 6 bottles = 9pts (And so on...)

Scoring Bonuses

Completing a level with 4 or less bottles left on the screen awards bonus points.

  • Levels 1-2:
    • 0 bottles left = 25pts
    • 1 = 20 pts
    • 2 = 15pts
    • 3 = 10pts
    • 4 = 5pts

At Level 3, the points double.

  • Level 3:
    • 0 = 50pts
    • 1 = 40pts
    • 2 = 30pts
    • 3 = 20pts
    • 4 = 10pts

Note: If anyone knows what the points are for levels 4 and up, adding them to the page would be greatly appreciated.

Special Bottles

Lightning Caps

Bottles with a lightning image on its cap will remove every bottle of its color.

Cracked Caps and Empty Bottles

Starting from level 2, cracked bottles will appear. The bottle will continuously crack more with each move. If not removed within five moves, the bottle will become empty and can only be removed by a soda can.

Soda Bomb

A soda can with its lid facing the player. When clicked, it will explode and destroy every bottle surrounding it.

Plus Caps

Bottles with plus caps will add another row of bottles. If there are columns filled to the top with bottles, a bottle will not spawn in that column.

Soda Can

A soda can facing sideways. When clicked, the can will remove every bottle in it's row. It can remove empty bottles.

Chocolate Milk Bottles

The chocolate milk bottle will give one point for every move it stays on screen.

x2 and x3 Caps

A x2 cap will double the score that you would have gotten from that group of bottles. A x3 cap will triple it.


  • Cash Cow 2 was added to the Arcade in early 2007.
  • Cash Cow 2 was a Deluxe Membership game for a brief amount of time.