The Charming Rat is a Webkinz virtual pet that was released in March 2013. It doesn't have a Lil'Kinz, hasn't been Pet of the Month, and is not retired. Its pet specific item is the Tricky Magical Blackboard and its pet specific food is the Enchanted Cheese.


The Charming Rat is colored light grey and a white underbelly that is also on shoulders a little. It has whiskers with a pink nose and long ears. Its paws, tail, and in ear is colored pink, to. It has a little buck tooth sticking out of mouth. Its eyes are colored black.


There are few pets quite as magical as the Charming Rat! This rascally rodent prefers to practice their cunning craft using a Tricky Magical Blackboard! Of course this rat's favorite trick is making food disappear, so serve them some Enchanted Cheese and prepare to be amazed at how quickly it vanishes!


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