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Not to be confused with Blueberry Cheeky Dog.

The Cheeky Dog was released in May 2005. There is no Lil'Kinz version. It was retired in 2006 and wasn't Pet of the Month. The Cheeky Dog's special food is the Berried Bone Bonbons and its specific item is the Cheeky Dog Grill.


Every dog has its day and if you're a Cheeky dog, you'll probably claim the whole week! This precocious pooch doesn't have a shy bone in its body. That's why in a room full of Webkinz, you'll find the Cheeky Dog the center of attention, grabbing the spotlight.

Newspaper Article

Lots of people have been wondering about the Cheeky Dog and Cheeky Cat. The rumors are true: these two Webkinz pets have been retired. When a pet is retired, that means that we’re not making any more of them. If you can find a Cheeky Dog or Cat in the store, it can be adopted. If you’ve already adopted a Cheeky Dog or Cat, you can continue to play with it. If you want to adopt one of these cool critters, visit your local gift shop soon; it won’t be long before they’ll be gone!


Virtual: The Cheeky Dog is brown, tan, and a tanish yellow

Plush: Very soft tan and cream colored curly fur (Like the Cheeky Monkey)  with big brown nose and smooth fur



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