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The Cheer Pup is a regular Webkinz pet that was released in June 2014. It does not have a Lil'Kinz variation, is not retired, and was Pet of the Month for May 2016. Its pet specific item is the Confetti Launcher and its pet specific food is Rah Rah Ravioli.


The Cheer Pup has a rose pink body, with light blue underpaws, a white muzzle, a hot pink tail, black eyes, hot pink under-ears and a light blue triangular nose. On the rose pink portions of their body, they have blue, white and hot pink designs on them. These include the words "CHEER!" "TEAM" and "SPIRIT" as well as flowers, poms poms, and stars. Their Magic W is on their right hind paw.


"Are you ready to cheer? The Cheer Pup sure is! They love to encourage their favorite team with their personal Confetti Launcher, sure to rev up the crowd! And when it's halftime and they're ready for a mid-game meal, of course they'll jump for joy when they taste a delicious serving of Rah Rah Ravioli!"

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