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The Cherry Soda Pup is a Webkinz pet released in November 2010 and was retired in December 2013. It has not been Pet of the Month and it is not Lil'Kinz. The Cherry Soda Pup's pet specific food is the Creamy Cherry Cheesecake and its pet specific item is the Charming Cherry Bumper.


It has a pink nose with hotter-pink stripes. It has a hot pink shade on her body, and the outside of it's ears and paws are a pink-purple color. On top of its ears are a cherry.


This daring dog is well known for its bubbly personality and terrific sense of humor. In fact, the Cherry Soda Pup likes to perform comedy routines for its friends every weekend! But only after bouncing around in its Charming Cherry Bumper Car and cutting a big slice of Creamy Cherry Cheesecake.



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