Christmas is a holiday on December 25. Every year there are lots of Christmas celebrations in Webkinz World. There are also a couple exclusive Christmas Room themes, these include the


  • You get a special Christmas gift box if you log into Webkinz World on Christmas.
  • You get a letter in Kinzpost that says "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".
  • You can go visit SantaKinz in the Clubhouse and choose from 3 Christmas prizes which you then receive in your Christmas gift box.
  • There is a Ms. Birdy Christmas Countdown event every year where you can visit her in the Clubhouse and get a special prize each day by clicking on her.
  • You get to spin the Super Wheel.
  • There are seasonal Christmas sweaters available in the KinzStyle Outlet.
  • You could purchase real-life Webkinz Christmas ornaments.
  • There were 2 series of virtual Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Pets

There are even Christmas themed pets such as:

Present Suprise Newspaper.jpg

Gift Box Prizes




Promotion of Christmas and the holidays.



2010 Super Wheel


Your Super Prize... 750 KC

Go Aztec! Take a seat in your Rare Terra Cotta Chair

Oooh! You've won a never before seen SantaKinz Chair!

Crank it up! You've won an Exclusive Webkinz Theme Music Box!

Your Super Prize... 500 KC

Roar! You've won a Rare Medieval Lion Taperstry!

Cool! You've won a never before seen SantaKinz Dresser!

Oh Yeah! You've won the Interactive Zingoz Bubble Blower!


Your Super Prize... 750 KC

Jolly! You've won a Very Merry Jolly Holly Dining Table!

Get to know Arte! You've won a Interactive Arte's Clock!

Run around in circles! You've won an Amazing Running Shoe Racer!

Your Super Prize... 500 KC

Be a princess with your new Rare Entitled Taperstry! 

What do you want for Christmas? Write Santa a letter with this SantaKinz Desk!

Go Mining! You've won an Exclusive Gemstone Table!


Your Super Prize... 750 KC!

Jolly! You've won a Nutcracker from the eStore!!!

Royal Treat! You've won a Rare Exalted Armoire!

Spin it! You've a interactive Holographic Globe!

Your Super Prize... 500 KC

Atomicolicious! You've won a Rare and Retired Clock of the Future!

Visit the Himilayins! You've won an AWESOME Winter Window!

Push it! You've won an Exclusive Bulldozer!


Your Super Prize... 750 KC

Wow! You've won a Hot Rod Desk from the eStore!!!

Sweet! You've won a Rare Clock from the Brand NEW Neo Gothic Theme!

Ski time! You've won the NEW Wild Water Jet Ski!

Your Super Prize... 500 KC

Order up! You've won a Rare Fast Food Menu Board!

Time to be SUPER! You've won an Amazing Hero Mobile

Look out! You've won an Exclusive KinzVille Window!

I have posted the 2012 wheel prizes on the Webkinz Day page.

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