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The Clydesdale is a Webkinz pet that was released in April 2007. It has a Lil'Kinz version, isn't retired, and was Pet of the Month for August 2008. Its pet specific food is the Braised Bannock Bites and its pet specific item is the Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace. There's also a Figurine version called the Cowgirl Clydesdale as well as a Clydesdale Kinz Klip.


With an adventurous spirit as great as all outdoors, this big horse loves to explore Webkinz World. Clydesdales have hearts of gold, making them fun, friendly pals. If you're looking for a Webkinz with a winning personality, look no further than the Clydesdale!


The Clydesdale is a dark brown horse with a large white stripe going down the middle of its face, a black mane and tail, and white hair covering its hooves.


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