The Communal Contest is where all members on webkinz world vote from Monday to Thursday for a prize to win then the most people who voted for a prize out of the four prizes held to win if all members get the goal that day, then on Friday they show the game everyone is working together to get a lot of points to get the goal then on Saturday and Sunday everyone plays the game they listed and then they show a gauge to show how far people are with the points they got from the game, then on Monday if everyone won you go to the Communal Contest page in webkinz world to collect the prize you earned from the Communal Contest then you vote for next weeks prize!


Now you have to participate in the communal contest to be entered in it previous contests all you had to do is vote and if it won you got the prize now you have to play to get the prize.

Current ContestEdit

April 19th - April 25th 2010


The Prize will be Delicious Drinks Refreshment Cooler

The challenge will be to earn 150 Million Points in Lunch Letters

The Goal was not achieved.

Last Weeks ContestEdit

April 12th-April 18th 2010


The Prize will be Delicious Store Desserts Display

The Game Will Be to score 225 Million in Bamboo BreakEdit


The Contest Was Achived!


How do we collect our prizes?

If the amount of points are reached and you won the challenge you go to the Communal Contest page on the newspaper page in webkinz world to collect your prize you must collect it on Monday or you don't get it.

What type of prizes will there be?

There will be tons of prizes wshop items, Clothing, Kinzcash, and Activitys once Ganz can get the coding to do that etc.

What type of challenges will there be?

There will be arade games, challenges where you have to send your friends kinz post gifts etc.

Where can we play the game to have the points still add up?

Only the arcade arena if you do the tounament arena it will not add up so the points you get won't count.


  • In week 1 the first day they started the amount of points for the game was messed up their formula was messed up so they fixed it in the next weeks contest.


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