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The Cotton Candy Puppy Webkinz was released on December 2011. It hit most stores in January 2012. It is neither retired nor was it Pet of the Month. The Cotton Candy Puppy's pet special food is the Ice Cream Cupcakes and its pet specific item is the Cotton Candy Closet


The Cotton Candy Puppy's left ear is blue and its right ear is purple. It also has a purple patch on its face and its "W" is on its front left paw. Its belly is blue and its embroidered nose features pink, blue, and purple. Its paws and inner ears are hot pink and its tail is purple. Its fur is swirly like cotton candy. 


"The Cotton Candy Puppy is one pet that is sweeter than spun sugar! This fabulously-fashionable friend likes to dress to impress, so always keep some favorite outfits in their Cotton Candy Closet! They'll also adore snacking on some sweet Ice Cream Cupcakes!"


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