Cotton Candy Sheep
Cotton Candy Sheep
Basic info
Pet: Cotton Candy Sheep
Retired: RetiredNo
Lil'Kinz: No
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The Cotton Candy Sheep is a Webkinz pet released in June 2009. It is not Retired, not Lil'Kinz, has not been Pet of the Month, and it is a Virtual Pet than can be bought at the WShop for 12500 Estore Points. The exclusive items are Pink Bubble Machine and Fluffy Muffins.


The sheep's skin is a light shad of pink while the darker pink part is more fluffy it is as well the wool. It has black eyes with white pupils in it. It has a pink smile and nose.


This cute little pal is the perfect pink pet! The Cotton Candy Sheep has a personality just as sweet and sugary as you'd expect! This fluffy friend will make a loyal companion for anyone! It certainly loves socializing - so make sure you take it to the Clubhouse!


  • The pet seems to be a recolor of the Cauliflower Sheep.
  • The pet is the main character of Flutter Bugged.


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