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The Cow Webkinz pet was introduced in May 2005. The Cow was the Pet of the Month for February 2008. There is a Lil'Kinz version. Its special food is the Candy Grass and its special item is the Milk Truck that your pet can ride around in. In March 2010, it was a Caring Valley Featured Pet.


The Cow is white and black, though predominately white. A black spot covers around half of it's face, and it's entire right ear. There is another black spot on the base of it's tail and on the tip. The feet are black too. It's fuzzy all over it's body, using very thin thread to serve as "fuzz".


Moo-ve over and make room for an “udderly” awesome friend! Cows are creative and funny – and super cool! Cows love to play, and after a day of fun in Webkinz World, cows enjoy munching on a big bunch of Candy Grass


  • The Cow has four characters named after it, Mr. Moo, Ms. Cowoline, Cowabelle Cowoline and the Pumpkin Patch Protector main character.
  • The Cow is one of the few Webkinz seen on-site with hair.
  • The Cow uses a pink ice pack and was the first pet to do so.
  • The Cow is in a Quizzy Calendar for April 2005.


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