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The Curio Shop is a shop owned by Arte Fact, a character who sells novelties, artifacts, and antiquities to Webkinz. Management of the shop is an occupation that Arte took on after retiring from archaeology, and is the place he stores the artifacts he discovered during his adventures. In Webkinz World, the Curio Shop serves as the place for players to buy rare and exclusive items (also known as CSO items or Arte's Favorites). It is also the place where players go to hunt for gems, which can eventually form the legendary Crown of Wonder.


In the Curio Shop, items can be found for prices either higher or lower than they are available for in the W-Shop. Prices are not stable, and they are subject to change every time they appear in the Curio Shop. Items rotate every hour, with Rare Items only appearing for one hour a day. These Rare Items are different from Curio Shop-exclusive items in that there is only one per day, and it appears at a fixed price. Some Rare Items appear very infrequently, making them difficult to find.

Deluxe members also have access to a second offering in the Curio Shop. This selection follows the same rules as the standard Curio Shop menu; it simply gives Deluxe members more items to choose from.

Friendship and Tips

Arte has eight levels of friendship with his customers. Your level of friendship depends on how much merchandise you buy and how much you tip him each day. Tips can be left for 1, 10, 25, 50 or 100 KinzCash, and Arte can only be tipped once a day. If a player attempts to tip Arte more than once a day, he might be provoked to assert, "That's kind, but I don't take charity".

  • Level 1: "You look like you're new here. Let me welcome you to the Curio Shop. I'm Arte. I've got some great deals here and some very special items you won't find anywhere else, so feel free to look around, but let me lay down some rules first. I don't take coupons and I don't take refunds. I've got new things for sale all the time and if I do happen to have a rare item on sale, you can only get one... got it?"
  • Level 2: "Welcome to the Curio Shop. Hope you find what you're looking for."
  • Level 3: "Welcome back. See if you can find a bargain today."
  • Level 4: "Hey, welcome back, if you see something you like, let me know."
  • Level 5: "Good to see you again. Have fun shopping."
  • Level 6: "Ahh, one of my favorite customers. Let's see what I can do for you."
  • Level 7: "There you are! Always great to see you. My shop is your shop."

Once you reach Level 7, you can ask Arte what time sales and Rare Items will be available, and he will hold up a sign showing you the time. Note that if you haven't reached Level 7 and you do not buy things or tip him for a long period of time, you will drop back a level.

  • Deluxe Membership Level: "Well, if it isn't one on my extra special customers! Welcome to the Curio Shop!"

Ask About Sales

At the "Ask About Sales" section of the Curio Shop, Arte will give you a hint on when he will be having a sale. When you have reached Level 7 of you and Arte's friendship, he will tell you the exact time.

Ask About Rare Items

At the "Ask About Rare Items" section of the Curio Shop, Arte will give you a hint when a Rare Item will appear in the Curio Shop. At Level 7, he will tell you the exact time, but not the item.

Gem Hunt

The Gem Hunt is a daily activity in which the player can mine gems at the Gem Mines, which are overseen and owned by Arte Fact. You can access the mines through the Curio Shop by choosing the "Gem Hunt" option and then clicking the map, and check out gems you have already collected by clicking the Gem Collection box. Once you've collected all 30 gems, you may trade your gems in for the Webkinz Crown of Wonder.


There are five different mines you can scavenge, each one have different gems to be found in them. Each gem is broken down into three rarities: common, uncommon, and rare. Each rare gem is only found in one mine, corresponding with the interior color of mine. An article by Steve Webkinz explains this,[1] though a summary is listed below.

  • Buried Bones Mine
    • All white gems (including the Webkinz Diamond)
    • Uncommon/common yellow gems
    • Common blue gems
  • Flea Floater Mine
    • All green gems (including the Earth Emerald)
    • Uncommon/common red gems
    • Common white gems
  • Howling Horse Mine
    • All blue gems (including the Ocean Sapphire)
    • Uncommon/common green gems
    • Common red gems
  • Muzzle Mouth Mine
    • All red gems (including the Red Ruby Heart)
    • Uncommon/common white gems
    • Common yellow gems
  • Barking Mad Mine
    • All yellow gems (including the Corona Topaz)
    • Uncommon/common blue gems
    • Common green gems

Once you find a gem (or not, then you'll have only found "slag"), you may either keep it in your Gem Collection or sell it to Arte. The price he buys it for depends on how many he's bought that day and how rare it is, or if it's the Gem of the Day. Alternatively, you can find Doug the Dog in the Collector's Room in the Clubhouse and trade gems you've kept for special items.



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