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The Curly Lion is a regular Webkinz pet that released in June 2013. It is not retired and was Pet of the Month for August 2017. Its pet specific food is some Curly Fries and its pet specific item is the Majestic Wardrobe.


"Add a dose of fashion-forward style to your Webkinz family with the fabulous Curly Lion! With such a magnificent mane, this big cat loves accessorizing with fantastic clothes that they keep in their huge Majestic Wardrobe! But with such a busy style schedule, make sure they take a break to enjoy their most-loved food, some tasty Curly Fries!"


The Curly Lion is a red-orange lion with a white chest and snout with their muzzle having a yellow spot on the top from its eyes to its black, triangular nose. They have small eyebrows and eyes that have long eyelashes. Their paws are yellow in colour. They have a curly long mane and tail that consists of yellow and orange colours.

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