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The Decade Dragon is a Webkinz released in April 2015. It was a prize for Webkinz's 10th year anniversary. It is virtual only but was free for everyone who logged in on April 29, 2015. Its pet specific item is the Milestone Throne and its pet specific food is the Decadent Cupcake.


"The happy-as-can-be Decade Dragon is excited to celebrate Webkinz's 10th anniversary with you!  Watch as they take in the sights and sounds of the Webkinz Day celebrations from their incredibly festive Milestone Throne! Plus, there's no better way to commemorate the occasion than with a delicious, cheery Decadent Cupcake!"


The Decade Dragon has sky blue skin, with 10 all over it. It also has rainbow wings, W-shaped ears, and a yellow and orange horn.



  • This pet was released in celebration of Webkinz 10th birthday along with the Ten Year Magic W Pup.
  • The Decade Dragon was made free on Webkinz Day, 2015 for that day only.
  • It was only available until May 8.

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