Deluxe Membership in Webkinz world gives you special Benefits that only Deluxe Members can get it, you can tell if a member is a Deluxe or just a regular member by seeing if they have special backgrounds in their words that they type in. But some people think the deluxe are spoiled.

Being a Deluxe gives you all this in Webkinz world each month that others can't get here they are,


A gift box including a special piece of clothing available only to Deluxe Members.

Special access To a Deluxe activity page in the Today's activity's section.

Access to the Deluxe Members Gold Channel in Webkinz World.

3000 eStore Points to spend at the Webkinz eStore.

And a Deluxe member hat\ the first time you go deluxe.

Deluxe Plans

Here are a list of the plans you can buy for Deluxe.

  • 1 Month: $5.99
  • 3 Months: $4.99 + a FREE exclusive Item
  • 1 Year: $3.75 + a FREE exclusive pet
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