Basic info
Pet: Donkey
Retired: RetiredYes
Lil'Kinz: No
Item number

The Donkey was released in April 2010. It was Retired in September 2010. Its Pet Specific Item is the Gold Mine and its Pet Specific Food is the Flapjacks


The Donkey is a bit clumsy but forever loyal. The Donkey may dip into a daydream from time to time but is always ready for a hug. And with its frazzled tuft of grey hair on its head to its bushy-ended tail, the Donkey is just simply adorable.


The Donkey has short grey fur on most of its body. It has black ears and hooves and a long tuft of black fur on its tail. It has a long grey patch of fur on its head. It has a white muzzle.


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