Dreamy Sheep
Dreamy sheep
Basic info
Pet: Dreamy Sheep
Retired: RetiredNo
Lil'Kinz: No
Item number

The Dreamy Sheep is a Webkinz pet that doesn't have a Lil'Kinz version, is not retired and it hasn't been the pet of the month. Its pet specific food is the Midnight Snack and its pet specific item is the Day Dreamer's Window.


When you want to snuggle down to sleep, you can always count on the Dreamy Sheep! This fluffy friend will enjoy passing the time staring out through the Day Dreamer's Window! And when their tummy starts grumbling late at night, make sure you feed them a Midnight Snack!


Its pink around its body with light purple hooves and a tan face. Its under-ear color is purple.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 6.15.39 PM

Dreamy sheep in room.

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