The Employment Office is a place where players can go to do jobs with their Webkinz and earn KinzCash. A player can only do one job every eight hours, though Deluxe members can choose one extra job per day. The Employment Office is run by Tabby Von Meow, the Job Advisor.

Official Descriptions

From the Webkinz Guide:

Your Webkinz can only work once every eight hours - this is to make sure your Webkinz has to rest between jobs. There are a variety of jobs, and the amount of KinzCash you earn increases with experience. The jobs range from easy to hard and your resume will track how well you are doing. Tabby Von Meow, our job advisor, can give you more information.

From the Kinzville Times:

Tabby Von Meow is full of good news! She asked us to tell you about some changes to a few of the jobs. Now the Piano Player, Fence Painter, and Sandwich Maker jobs are easier than ever! Just drop by the Employment Center and give them a try; we know you'll do a great job!


Similar to a pet's Report Card for the Kinzville Academy, players can view their Resume by clicking on it in the Employment Office. The Resume displays a player's username, the KinzCash they earned on their last job, and all of the KinzCash they've earned by doing jobs. Each job that a player has completed is listed on the Resume, along with the player's level in that job, how many times they have attempted it, and how many times they have succeeded. The Resume is shared between every pet on a player's account, so the job's level is always the same no matter what pet completes it.

Doing a Job

There are three job difficulties - easy jobs have no requirements for players to be able to do them, though they award the least amount of KinzCash. These jobs have yellow notes on the Job Board. Medium jobs have blue notes, and hard jobs have green notes. Available jobs rotate out once an hour, and there are always five jobs on the board. Occasionally, a job will be spotlighted in Today's Activities. Players can complete this job even if they have already completed a job in the past eight hours. This job will appear in the center of the Job Board on a pink note that says "Extra Job".

After completing a job successfully three times, the player will level up. With each new level, the player gains more KinzCash every time they complete that job. The maximum level a player can have in a job is three. More difficult jobs also award more KinzCash - level three hard jobs can award up to 350 KinzCash!

Job List

Image Name Difficulty Description Pre-requisite
BabySitter Baby-Sitter Medium The player must take care of Webkinz pets by looking at their expressions and giving them what they ask for. If the player makes three mistakes, they fail the job. Complete 50 Kid's World questions at Quizzy's Corner
QuackAssistant Dr. Quack's Assistant Easy Similar to Baby-Sitter, the player takes care of Webkinz in Dr. Quack's clinic. Give the pets the proper treatment for their ailment - three mistakes means failing the job.
Fence Painting Easy Players must watch the pattern displayed on the screen, and then click on the correct paint cans in the same order. The player must complete five patterns to finish the job.
Flooring Assistant Medium The player must arrange tiles to match the pattern shown on the screen. All of the assigned patterns must be completed before time runs out, otherwise the player fails the job. Complete 50 Social Studies questions at Quizzy's Corner
GemMining Gem Mining Medium The player is shown an arrangement of rocks with either gems or slag. The player must move slag out of the way to drop gems into the box - if they drop slag into the box, two seconds are deducted from their time. If the player runs out of time, they fail the job. Collect at least 20 different types of gems in Gem Hunt
GroceryClerk Grocery Clerk Medium Multiple conveyor belts are scrolling across the screen - the ones at the top are blank, and the one at the bottom has items on it. Players must drag items into the proper spot on the upper conveyor belt. If the player runs out of time, they fail the job.
Complete 50 Math questions at Quizzy's Corner
Hamburger Cook Easy A picture of a burger is shown on screen, and the player must click on the right toppings in the right order to match the burger shown. Making an incorrect burger removes time from the timer, and if time runs out the player fails the job. None
KinzpostSorter KinzPost Sorter Hard Boxes scroll by on a conveyor belt, and players must stack them so that the numbers on the boxes add up to the number at the top of the stack. Boxes can be moved and rearranged, or held in the holding tank. If a box falls off the conveyor belt, one second is deducted from the player's time. If time runs out, the player fails the job.
Complete 50 Math questions at Quizzy's Corner
KinzvilleMover Kinzville Mover Hard The player is shown a moving truck with groups of boxes on the side of the screen. The object of the job is to fit the boxes into the moving truck so that they fill the truck perfectly. The boxes cannot be rotated or removed from their groups. If the player runs out of time, they fail the job. Achieve level 2 Strength at the Kinzville Academy
BirdyAssistant Ms. Birdy's Assistant Medium Words are shown to the player, and they must type them as quickly and as accurately as possible. Each mistake removes two seconds from the clock - if the player runs out of time, they fail the job. Complete 100 Language questions at Quizzy's Corner
Newz Delivery Easy Different houses appear and disappear, and the player must deliver the Kinzville Times to houses with green doors. If the player misses a house, delivers the paper to the wrong house or does not deliver the paper to a house, they get a strike. Three strikes means that the player fails the job. None
Piano Player Medium The player hears and sees a pattern of notes, and must click the piano keys in the same order as shown. The player must play ten patterns to complete a job. Three mistakes means that the player fails the job. Complete 50 Arts questions at Quizzy's Corner
Shoe Store Clerk Easy The player is shown a grid full of shoe boxes. Clicking on one reveals the shoes inside, which the player must match with the other set of shoes on the screen. If the player does not match all the shoes in time, they fail the job.
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