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Three Webkinz Figures

A Figurine are small plastic Webkinz that come with a special code to be redeemed in the Code Shop. Each code unlocks the online version of the figure and a specific prize for each one. The first series was released in January 2008, with three series being produced in total. However, only two were physically produced with the third being available for purchase in the Ganz eStore.

Code Shop Description

Memorable moments and precious pets are captured for the world to see with Webkinz Figures. These fabulous figures feature all your favorite Webkinz pets.

Each figure grants you access to Woodland Wonders in the Magical Forest, plus gives you an exclusive gift!

Series One

Series Two

  • Ahoy Cheeky Monkey
  • At Your Service Penguin
  • Ballerina Husky Dog
  • Big Catch Bulldog
  • Breaking News Cocker Spaniel
  • Chow Down Duck
  • Cowgirl Clydesdale
  • Dear Diary Leopard
  • Fraidy Cat Lion
  • Hero-To-Be German Shepherd
  • Hoop Dreams Seal
  • House Painting Hippo
  • Karate Cat
  • Koala Archeologist
  • Lifeguard Googles
  • Mach One Turtle
  • Pink Picnic Charcoal Cat
  • Pop Groovin' Gorilla
  • Reindeer Runner
  • Roller Pig
  • Super Shopper Yellow Lab
  • Swashbucklin Schnauzer
  • Tee Time Raccoon
  • Three Cheers Tiger