Gem Hunt
Gem Hunt
Basic Info
Location: Curio Shop
Area: Curio Shop
Category: Curio Shop

The Gem Hunt is a Daily Activity that can be played only once a day. You search for gems in a mine, and once you get all the gems you can trade them all in for the Crown of Wonder.

There are five mines:

  • Buried Bones Mine
  • Flea Floater Mine
  • Howling Horse Mine
  • Muzzle Mouth Mine
  • Barking Mad Mine

You have three tries to get a gem. If you get one, take it to the Curio Shop. There are two choices: you can sell the gem to Arte for KinzCash, or keep the gem for your collection. If you don't find a gem with your three tries, a message pops up on the screen that tells you that all you found today is slag and that you can try again tomorrow.

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