German Shepherd
German Shepherd
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Pet: German Shepherd
Retired: RetiredYes
Lil'Kinz: No
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The Webkinz German Shepherd was released on October 1st 2007. It doesn't have a Lil'Kinz version, wasn't Pet of the Month and was retired in July 2008. The German Shepherd's pet specific food is the Bone Pretzel and its pet specific item is the Puppy Patrol Car.

There are 3 other German Shepherds in Webkinz World. These include the Signature German Shepherd, Small Signature German Shepherd and the American German Shepherd. There is also a Figurine version of this pet, it is called the Hero-to-Be German Shepherd.


German Shepherds are loyal, strong and brave dogs. They will do anything to help a friend - especially a great friend like you. German Shepherds need lots of exercise, so make sure to set up a wonderful yard for this big dog!


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