Gold & White Cat
Gold and White Cat
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Pet: Gold & White Cat
Retired: RetiredYes
Lil'Kinz: Yes
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The Gold & White Cat was released in May 2005. It was retired on May 2007, wasn't Pet of the Month and has a Lil'Kinz version which isn't retired. Its special food is Tuna Caramel Corn and its special item is a Milk Carton Fridge.


This gold and white cat isn’t just gold on the outside, it has a heart of gold to match! Gold and White cats love to explore all of the different parts of Webkinz World. This fantastic feline will do anything just to spend time with you!


The Gold & White Cat has golden shaggy fur on the back, tail, back legs, and head. This fur also wraps around the back part of the torso, looking like pants. Shorter white fur covers the paws, belly, snouth, and up the forehead in a thick white stripe. The insides of the ears are light pink, matching the light pink nose, which is made out of thread. The cat also features black eyebrows of black thread and black, plastic eyes.



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