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The Golden Deluxe Dragon is a Webkinz virtual pet that was released in April 2011. It doesn't have a Lil'Kinz, it isn't retired, and hasn't been Pet of the Month. Its pet specific food is the Golden Whimsical Wontons and its pet specific item is the Fictional Fireplace.



The Golden Deluxe Dragon resembles many typical Webkinz dragons but is gold in color with a light yellow underbelly, wing insides, ear insides, horns, nostrils, and claws. Its eyes are a darker gold, and it has light yellow spikes going from the top of its head down to its tail.



  • The Golden Deluxe Dragon is a PromoKinz that has periodically been bundled with purchases of a year-long Deluxe Membership subscription.
  • This pet is suspected to be based on the unreleased Luck Dragon as its PSI and PSF look extremely similar to that of the latter.

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