Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever
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Pet: Golden Retriever
Retired: RetiredNo
Lil'Kinz: Yes
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The Golden Retriever is a Webkinz pet that was introduced in May 2005. It isn't retired, was Pet of the Month in October 2009 and has a Lil'Kinz version. It was featured in the video Cats & Dogs - Why Do We Always Fight?. Its special food is a Marzipan Bone and special item is the Retriever Treadmill.

There is a Signature and Small Signature as well. There is a Figurine called the Beach Boy Golden Retriever.


Retrievers are "water" dogs so this golden puppy is sure to dog paddle its way right into your heart. This canny canine loves chewing on Marzipan bones and playing games in the Arcade. Retrieve your own "Golden" today!


The Golden Retriever is a golden dog with long fur on its back and short fur on its front.


  • The Golden Retriever is Webkinz's first dog Webkinz.
  • Arte Fact and Sparky are two Golden Retriever characters in Webkinz World.
  • The Golden Retriever was the third pet to have a Signature version of it.
  • The Golden Retriever was in a Quizzy Calendar for March 2005.
    • The Golden Retriever was the first dog to be in one.


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