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The Googles is a regular Webkinz pet that was released in September 2006. It has a Lil'Kinz counterpart, the Lil'Kinz Googles. It was Pet of the Month for February 2009. Its pet specific food is the Googles Noodles and its pet specific item is the Googles Scrying Pond.

The Googles is one of the most well known pets, notable for its simple design as a duck-like creature with no wings or arms. It is prominently featured in the Arcade game Go-Go Googles! and is frequently mentioned during berry-related events in Webkinz World.


"Have you ever heard of a Googles? Not many people have - they're shy, mysterious creatures who live near ponds, deep in the forest. With webbed feet and a funny little beak, everyone is sure to give this kooky critter a second glance. A Googles is sure to bring a smile to your face and make your life in Webkinz World an exciting one!"[1]


The Googles has stringy white fur, an orange beak, and two orange flippers. It is often mistaken for a duck or a platypus, which it is in fact not.

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  • The Googles itself is based upon a Ganz plush series dating back to the 80's, where it featured flat furry creatures with short limbs, some were like the Googles with a bill and flippers, but some resembled other creatures like sheep, pigs and dogs.[2]
  • The Googles was one of the first Webkinz actually made, but was released a year later after Webkinz started.[3]