Growing Gardens Watermelon Seeds
Basic Info
Item: Growing Gardens Watermelon Seeds
Cost: KinzCash icon 45
Location: W-Shop Gardening
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Item Description

Plant these seeds in your outdoor room and your pet will be able to grow farm fresh watermelon they can harvest and eat!

  • Grows 1 food item for each harvest.
  • Outdoor item only.
  • Can be harvested every 6 days.
  • Harvested Watermelon can be sold back to the W-Shop for 10 KinzCash

If Harvested:

Watermelon Harvest



If First Grown:

Watermelon First Grown

If Weedy:  

Weedy Watermelons 2

When weedy, it looks like this. There is also one more growing stage after the growing stage you see here.