Home Before Dark
Home before dark
Basic Info
Location: Home Before Dark
Area: Arcade
Category: Game

Home Before Dark is a game that can be played in the Arcade. It came out in September 27, 2007. Jazz Monsters had retired only a couple days earlier. The object of the game is to get all the Webkinz (a Pinto, a Pig, an Elephant, a Yellow Lab, a Hippo, and a Leopard) home before the timer runs out. You must rotate the seperated paths to make a connected path leading the Webkinz home.



HOP Before Dark in the Arcade

  • When Home before Dark was released, neither the Yellow Lab or the Pinto had been released as pets yet. It wouldn't be until a few months later where they would be made adoptable.
  • During March 2011, Home Before Dark was reskinned into "HOP Before Dark" for Webkinz' promotion with the movie Hop. The Webkinz in the game were replaced with Hopping Bunnies and chicks, and items along the paths were replaced with Easter eggs.. This version of the game has not been seen since the promotional period.
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