Webkinz Hungry Hog is a game in the Arcade that is like an easier version of Pac-man: with the pig being Pac-man, the food being the pills, and the bees being the ghosts. Pinky is the Pig in this game.

The object of the game is to navigate through the mazes to collect all the Junk Food in them without losing all of your lives, which can be lost by being stung by any of the bees scattered throughout the maze. If a bee sees you, it will run after you, and the word "Ow!" will appear over your pig if you get stung. You start the game with three lives.

When you get all of the Junk Food in the level--healthy food such as broccoli or carrots will slow you down-- you will move on to the next level. As the levels progress, more bees will be present for you to try to escape from.

If you get any vegetables you will lose 50 points and 5 more items of Junk Food will appear, each Junk Food item being worth 10 points,which equals up to a total of 50, the same number of points you lost. Every 5 levels, you will gain another life to add to your current lives. It is one of the original Webkinz games.


  • There is no bee webkinz out yet though there is a bee in this game.
  • This game was one of the games to have another version, Hungry Hog 2: Pinky's Big Adventure, featuring basically the same rules except with better Graphics.
Hungry Hog
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