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The Webkinz Jelly Bean Puppy was released on November 2010. It does not have a Lil'Kinz version, is not retired, and has not been Pet of the Month. Its pet specific item is the Jelly Bean Big Screen and its pet specific food is the Jelly Bean Jam.


The Jelly Bean Puppy has pale yellow fur with black eyes. They have a turquoise nose with 6 black spots on their muzzle. They also have a purple jelly bean shaped spot on their left eye. They have purple ears that have a pattern made of multicolor circles on the inside, with the purple fur being on the outside. This pattern is also replicated in patches on multiple parts of their body, with a turquoise outline. These patches are located on the side of their left front leg and hind leg, on the right side of their chest, and on their backside near their purple furred tail. Their Magic W is located on their upper left paw.


"Looking for a pet with a sweet tooth and an even sweeter personality? The Jelly Bean Puppy is the cuddly canine for you! This precious pooch loves nothing more than telling jokes, watching TV on a Jellybean Big Screen with friends, and eating tons of Jelly Bean Jam!"


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