Jumbleberry Fields is a daily game. This game resembles Yahtzee. This game was released in late December of 2009, along with Polarberry Jam. Jumbleberry Fields can be found in the Arcade or the Today's Activities. It was also the first daily game introduced to Webkinz World since Wishing Well 2.


In the game, there are 4 different berries and a pest on the die, there are Jumbleberries that are worth 2 points per berry, Sugarberries that are also worth 2 points per berry, Pickleberries that are worth 4 points per berry, and Moonberries that are worth 7 points per berry. When the game ends, you get some berries depending on your score and you can either feed them to your pet for a instant chance to win a prize or put them in a jar of preserves and get a chance to win a prize each time you fill up a jar.


The object of the game is to get the best score you can so you can get a lot of berries. If you get a high enough score you get the Berry Farmer badge.


These are the badges that you can get while playing Jumbleberry Fields:
Moonberry Madness badge: Obtained by getting five moonberries in the same roll
Jumbleberry Fever badge: Obtained by ?????
High Roller badge: Obtained by getting five pests in the same roll
Berry Farmer badge: Obtained by getting a score of at least 140

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