The Webkinz Kangaroo was released in February 2008. The Kangaroo hasn't been Pet of the Month, doesn't have a Lil'Kinz version, and is retired. Its pet specific food is the Poppin' Peach Melba and its pet specific item is the Desert Jumper Jeep.


Have you met this marvelous marsupial? If not, hop to it! The Kangaroo is a bubbly, bouncy friend who loves meeting new Webkinz and belonging to a big family. Kangaroos simply adore dressing up to look their best and they LOVE challenging friends to a game or two. There's no doubt about it - the Kangaroo's the pet for you!


The Kangaroo has short tan fur on its backside. It has cream colored fur on its muzzle, feet and belly. It has a pouch to hold its young. The Kangaroo has two powerful feet to help it jump. The hairs all over its body are short and it has a curvy tail in the shape of a J. Its feet protrude from its body in a strait line and its hands are short. It has two tall ears on its head with two black-marble-eyes.


  • There are no Kangaroo characters in Webkinz World.
  • The Pet retired in 2010.


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