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The Kinzstyle Outlet

The Kinzstyle Outlet is a place in Webkinz World that is run by Pollie-Jean Collie as a place where Webkinz can go and buy clothes that are cheaper than at the W-Shop. It also houses the famous Webkinz Clothing Machine which allows pets to combine clothes for much more extravagant Clothing pieces.

The Kinzstyle Outlet is not to be confused with the KinzStyle Shop which is run by Persephone the poodle.

Teeshirt DesignEdit

The T-Shirt Design part of the KinzStyle Outlet allows you to make a customized T-Shirt, that you can later buy from the E-Store.

Clothing MachineEdit

The Clothing Machine is another part of the KinzStyle Outlet, where you can combine 3 different items to make a whole new different item. Some combinations are listed below:

Strawberry hatEdit

Green Layered Tee + Red European Flare Shades + Red Bow

Highland KiltEdit

Funky Plaid Hat + Kilt Skirt + Purple Kilt

Alphine HatEdit


Bright Spies Trench CoatEdit

cowboy hat + wing tip shoes + dark shades

Cowgirl DressEdit

Cowboy Hat + Cow Poke Top + Smocked Sundress

Detective CapEdit

Blue Ball Cap + Red Ball Cap + Tan Suit Jacket

Glass SlippersEdit

Funky Girl Glasses + Ruby Slippers + Princess Hat

Patched Denim JacketEdit

Green Layered Tee + Purple Layered Tee + Jeans

Patchwork Hat/Pants/ShirtEdit

Any clothing.

Seaside SarongEdit

summer fun swimsuit top-bright green swim trunks- wide tan pantsEdit

Sparkly Silver Suit JacketEdit


Sparkly Silver Suit PantsEdit

Tan Suit Pants + Sparkly Pink Bow + Tuxedo Shoes

Sweet Dreams Bath RobeEdit

Fuzzy Slippers + Thick-Knit Sweater + Yoga Pants

Tabby GlassesEdit

Lovely Leopard Cat Cap + Penny Loafers, and White Hollywood Sunglasses

Tie Dye TopEdit

Purple Pajama Top + Blue And Yellow Fleece + Flower Power Swimsuit Top


White Jeans + Kinzville Academy Skirt + Flip Flops

Toy Solider CoatEdit

Captain Dogbeard's Coat + Mod Jacket + Red Sneakers

Toy Solider HatEdit

Party Hat + Funky Plaid Hat + Dude Hat

Wild Watermelon ShirtEdit

Ballerina Leotard Top- Summer Fun Swimsuit Top- Emerald Polka Dot Rain Boots

Wizards Apprentice RobeEdit

Academy Sweater + Tuxedo Pants + Wizard Hat

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