The Kinzville Park was a new feature in Webkinz. It first had a music video and showed a pet going in the
Kinzville Park Sign 2

Kinzville park map

Kinzville Park and sitting near the campfire. Before Ganz released the Park, they had a random contact us poll asking how you like the new Kinzville Park. After a two weeks or so, they released the park. It was glitched up a lot you couldn't go on the swings, slide, or the seesaw so they took it down and made some huge improvements to it. After that, it was up and working. Then, they took it down again, to add Mr. Moo and his ice cream cart. Later on, when they put it back up it was up and running again.

You can now slide on the slides, swing on the swings, sit near the campfire, play in a play, play games, climb a tree, and more. This is 3x the size of the Clubhouse. The Kinzville Park used to allow you to find Mr. Moo and buy ice cream from him for 10 Kinzcash, but with the relese of the garbage collecting feature, Mr. Moo dissapeared, leaving his ice cream cart behind. It is not certain if this is a glitch, or if Ganz just decided to get rid of Mr. Moo. Many people miss him.

Garbage CollectingEdit

You can now collect garbage in the Kinzville Park. It appears every 5 minutes or so. The garbage appears all over the park, and when your cursor shows a garbage bag when you hover your mouse over the garbage, then click on it and you should have the garbage unless someone clicks on it and gets there before you do. Note that your bag can only hold 10 items. You get a lot of cool items by depositing your items into the bin. Remember to put the apples cores, bananas peels, and other compost products into the compost bin, and the sheets of paper, the cereal box, and other paper/plastic products into the recycle bin. However, you have to pay attention to what you put in the compost bin and the recycling bin; if you put it into the wrong bin, you lose 2 points.



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