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The Kinzville Times in December 2009

Not to be confused with Webkinz Newz, the blog run by Ganz.

The Kinzville Times is the Webkinz World newspaper. It features different articles describing upcoming events and new features, as well as fun activities and stories. The newspaper was formerly known as Webkinz Newz, but was renamed (likely to avoid confusion with the official blog of the same name).

The Kinzville Times was formerly the first page that players saw upon logging in to Webkinz World, but players are now taken to their house instead.

Example Article

Making A Splash:

Two new friends have arrived in Webkinz World and we’re sure they’re going to make a Big Splash! The Fantail Goldfish and the Manatee are her and they’re ready to swim and play! When you adopt one of these pets, you’ll be able to buy an underwater room (if they’re one of your first ten pets, you’ll get an underwater room instead of a regular room) Time to pick up a Fantail goldfish or a Manatee and see what all of the watery fun is about!


Front Page

The Front Page of the Kinzville Times is the main page for the latest information on new activities and events. It gives short summaries of what's happening in Webkinz World so that users can always stay informed.

For some of the pictures that have been posted on the front page of the Kinzville Times, see Newspaper Gallery.

What's New

What's New is the section for all the news that is not posted on the front page. Smaller announcements will be found here.

Webkinz Pets & Stuff

Plumpy's Place

Plumpy's Place is the home of Plumpy Hippo's advice corner. Plumpy answers questions sent in by users, dispelling rumors and misconceptions.

Account Benefits

This section of the Kinzville Times describes the differences between the three types of accounts: Deluxe accounts, Full Accounts, and free players.

The W Tales

For more information, see W-Tales.

Scores & Achievements

The Scores & Achievements section serves as a leaderboard that tracks player's top scores in arcade games. It has two sections: Arcade and My Scores. The Arcade section displays recent game scores, as well as high scores for the day. The My Scores section displays a player's high scores, the amount of times they've played a game, and their average score in that game.

Fun Stuff

Contact Us

The Contact Us section of the Kinzville Times is broken down into two sections: Questions and Comments & Suggestions. The Questions section allows players to send questions directly to Ganz.

From Ganz:

Ganz has created a whole new way for you to ask about Webkinz World! Now, all you have to do is go to the “Contact Us” page in the Webkinz World Newz and click on “Questions.” Use the drop down menus to find your question’s category, and then look for the specific question you’d like to ask. You’ll find a KinzPost letter in your room the very next morning!

The Comments & Suggestions section has a direct link to the Webkinz Newz forums, as well as the survey for the week. Every week there is a new survey in the Kinzville Times, designed to ask players about what they like in Webkinz World. Filling out a survey gives a player 50 KinzCash as well as a happiness boost for their pet.

Former Pages


The Contests page in the Webkinz Newspaper raised awareness of any upcoming contests or winners of former contests, including Communal Contests. The Contests page has since been retired, and Webkinz contests are now typically announced on Webkinz Newz.

Welcome to the Adoption Center

Welcome to the Adoption Center is a page in the Newspaper that shows when new plush pets (Lil'Kinz or Webkinz) come out!


Click here to view the Newspaper Gallery.

Things to Do

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